Exploring "The Adeventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Exploring “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” Many critics have explored the complexities and controversial themes of The “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. Most critics point out obvious themes of truth and honesty, as well as the important theme of slavery, and racism. Upon exploring Huckleberry Finn, the reader is brought into view, two outline articles that relate to most of the important controversial themes presented in the novel. In addition, the reader is presented an article dealing with the important role of the character Jim, and how Jim has a profound impact on Huckleberry Finns character. “The Role of Jim in Huckleberry Finn” by Frances V. Brownell presents the reader with the important role of Jim, and how Jim brings out Huckleberry Finns Character. Brownell explains, “Jims function is to further the characterization of Huckleberry Finn: by his presence, his personality, actions and his words”(Brownell1). Simply, Jim illuminates Huckleberry Finns character, so that the reader can establish a strong connection with him. Brownell uses several good examples to explain how, and why. According to Brownell, it is Jims “openness and unashamed dignity that facilitates Huck’s own struggle with morals”(Brownell1). Brownell illustrates through the example in which Huck lies to Jim while heading downstream on the raft. It is in this incident, through the character of Jim, we discover Huck carries within him some respect for “human dignity”. Simply, Huck lied to Jim and felt terrible for it. This concern for “hurting others” is learned through Huck’s many interactions with Jim. It is through the open honesty of Jim that we discover the honest side of Huck Finn. Throughout the novel, Huck Finn is a character that is constantly on the defensive. It is through Huck’s relationship with the Widow Douglas, the Duke and King, as well his Pap that we see a
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