Exploring Security Synergies in Driverless Car and Uas Integrated Modular Architectures Essay

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EXPLORING SECURITY SYNERGIES IN DRIVERLESS CAR AND UAS INTEGRATED MODULAR ARCHITECTURES (IMAs) John D. Gaspa[1] There is a future opportunity to leverage COTS security technology being developed for the driverless car into future Unmanned Air System (UAS) Integrated Modular Architectures (IMAs). Infrastructure and Information Security are critical issues in networked UAS team configurations with increasing degrees of autonomy and collaboration. Key university and automotive industry level research is underway toward addressing similar challenges of information and infrastructure security in solutioning the driverless car by 2020 1. Information security is typically associated with Information Assurance (IA) and infrastructure security is typically associated with Tamper Resistant Computing. Both of these security infrastructures need to be properly addressed and incrementally extended to enable future levels of autonomy. This paper identifies the emerging parallels in driverless car and UAS security challenges, describes advanced security initiatives being explored for the automotive industry, and then provides a starting context for alignment of these initiatives into a cross domain view for synergy analysis between driverless cars and UAS platforms. Introduction A recent publication from the author developed an initial taxonomy for dual use analysis of driverless car security in avionics IMAs including the UAS subset 2. This paper extends that taxonomy with additional automotive research security programs and also provides additional focus on derivative embedded security product trends. This paper is organized as follows: 1.) Common Security Challenges – UAS and Driverless Cars 2.) Dual Use Security Taxonomy 3.) Automotive Industry Security Initiatives Mapped to Potential UAS Relevance

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