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Innovation Exploring Michael Tushman Introduction What is Innovation? Innovation is a word that is becoming more common in the 21st century and a word that now is almost incorporated into everyday business and life. According to Peter Drucker innovation is: "Innovation can be defined as the task of endowing human and material resources with new and greater wealth-producing capacity.” (Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, 1973, page 67) Innovation is working on, improving, making a product / service better than it already is; For example just as the common wind shield wipers on every car was invented by Mary Anderson in 1905 as a brand new concept it is not the same as how car companies have innovated the initial idea of a automobile to what we have today over 100’s of types of cars with different speeds, looks and features. With current innovation ideas, transformations and technology the world of automobiles and all other sectors it will continue to be innovated and be made new and better than the previous. Michael Tushman is renowned for his work in innovation amongst many other publications and theories. The main theory which can be linked to Tushman and co writer O’Reilly is the ‘Ambidextrous Organisation’ which looks at companies who are trying to build a ambidextrous organisations and looks and different theories and studies which show that the ambidextrous organisation trumps all other break through innovations and also explores theories under the heading of managing evolutionary and revolutionary change. In terms of being ambidextrous Tushman and O’Reilly suggest that managers today should be able to work on a multilevel in order to exploit today’s potentials and also to explore what is in store for the future and for this to be done simultaneously such as being able to see

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