Exploring Language Diversity Where You Live Essay

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Assignment 02: Exploring Language diversity where you live Student Number 51265389 Task 1: Observe your community I decided that I would observe two different living environments in my community and just show just the two different side of the fence. First I did an observation through the estate/ community I reside in, which is a private estate in knysna. When I stepped outside my house and took a walk through it you realise that this cold community. I guess the reasons for it to be cold is because the estate has certain rules regarding noise, pets etc., but It still does not justify why it’s a cold place to live in. on my walk I hardly saw anyone outside their houses interacting with each other, in fact we all keep to ourselves. I The only time I had an interaction with someone was when I walked past my front neighbour, who I have known for the past 2 years I have been staying there. We speak English to another since she is white and I am black, that is the only language we can communicate in. She also speaks Afrikaans, but she never attempts that with us and only because I personally think she assumed that we don’t understand it. We are civil and polite to one another, but neither one would make any effort in trying to form a deeper friendship, this I am afraid happens everywhere in our suburbs communities. The minute we resided with a race that is not the same with us, we have a complex that prevents us from making a new friendship even if it’s with your neighbour and most its cause by the fact that we don’t understand each other are too afraid to so do Unfortunately this is exactly what happens to my community, we keep to ourselves, we think we are better than the other person, we judge and question the reasons why the other person stay there. The only conclusion I can come with the way people interact or the lack thereof interaction in our

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