Explore Winston Thoughts in Part 3 of the Book 1984

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Winston Smith is a kind of innocent in a world gone wrong, and he experiences the suffering that exists in the totalitarian society of Oceania. He is ordinary, yet he finds the strength to try and make his circumstances better. Even though Winston’s life is replete with misery and pain, Orwell allows him a brief time of happiness and love. During this time, there is hope for Winston, and subsequently, hope for the future. But Orwell makes certain that there is no happy ending. Totalitarianism does not permit such an ending; Winston must be crushed. If Winston were to escape, Orwell’s agenda of showing the true nature of totalitarianism would have been lost. Winston has individuality and undying self-determination. Winston embodies the values of a civilized society: democracy, peace, freedom, love, and decency. Winston represents the struggle between good and bad forces, and there is no mistaking where the lines are drawn. Ultimately, Winston loses his spirit and his humanity, the two characteristics that he fought so hard to keep. In part two of 1984 we closely read about Winston’s love affair with Julia which starts and then ends. Now, in part three of the book this is where he gets punished for his actions and the process of turning him “sane” begins. The process of punishment which Winston experiences, reemphasizes the theme of fundamental horror of physical pain, all that is happening to him cant be stopped, he is under the control of the party through O’Brien who is more then determined to change Winston. In this part of the book, we find out that Winston starts thinking that nothing in the world is more worse then the physical he is experiencing. O’Brien’s power over Winston is an example of the manipulation of the mind the Party has over their subjects, it is impossible to resist it as the body too is under control. We know that O’Brien is part of the

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