Explore Tim Winton’s Presentation of Relationships in the Turning

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Tim Winton is the author of the novel The Turning, it contains a collection of seventeen short stories set in Antipodea. All of the stories connect to one another in numerous ways.Winton use’s a variety of techniques to display relationships in his first short story Big World, we see love, loyalty and jelousy. At the Begginging of the story the protagonist indroduces us to Biggie her we see a fraternal relationship between the two adoslesent boys, “some days I can see me and Biggie out there as old codgers, anchored to the friggin place forver”, this metaphor gives us a negative image, we see them as old and frail, never leaving Angelus and having the chance to explore all the world, stuck there forever. On page 3 the narrator brings us in using sensory images “our arms are slick with gore and pasted with orange and black beef-hairs. The smell isn’t good but that’s nothing compared with the feel of all those serverd nostrils and lips and ears between your fingers”. This graphic image gives us a glance into the teenagers working lives, their arms are “slick” in blood and guts, this is not a job that they enjoy. We see an arrogant side to the narrator on page 4, “To be honest hes not my sort of bloke at all, but somehow he’s my best friend”, he comes across like he feel’s superior to Biggie, as if he owes his friendship to Biggie. The narrator shows us that there is a lot of loyalty between the two boys, on page 6 he states “Biggie’s not the brightest crayon in the box but he’s the most loyal person I know”, this leads us to belive that Biggie is unintelligent, not the most cleverest person. The narrator goes on to say that “I made him look brighter than he was”, this was done out of loyalty, the narrator was trying to help but it actually ended up wih Biggie and himself failing thier exams they “fried”. Biggie is also seen by the narrators mother as
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