Explore The Theme Of Religion In Who'S Afraid Of Virginia Woolf ?

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Topic: Explore the theme of religion in the play. « Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? » is a play written in 1962 by the American playwright Edward Albee. The title sets the tone of the play, with on one side the intellect and the drama with Virginia Woolf who was a famous writer who committed suicide. And on the other hand, a childish atmosphere with the allegory of the nursery rime “who’s afraid of the big bad wolf”. As a result, “who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf” offers a great deal of emotions. During the 1950’s, world was almost exclusively seen through films, with an idealised perfect life. It is partly why Albee wrote this play, to offer what he thought as being a real vision of the world. In a dark tensed historical and political context, since “who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf” was published during the cold war; Albee focuses his interest on an insight of the real American way of life. Moreover, the theatre of the absurd has widely influenced his writing. Living in a deeply religious, country and historical period, Albee uses the theme of religion all along in the play. As a consequence, we will explore the theme of religion and understand how it is linked to each character. In “who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf”, Nick is linked to religion explicitly with his sayings but as well implicitly. As all good American citizens of the 50’s-60, everything he decides, does, must respect the catholic traditions. For example, when he believes Honey to be pregnant, he immediately decides to marry her; otherwise he wouldn’t have been respected in some community. As a result, his motivations for a greater social status would have been compromised. Albee used this example to show the over importance of religion in every American family. Nick could also be related to religion through his marriage with Honey. Indeed, Nick, who is a very ambitious man, confesses to

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