Explore the Ways in Which Hopkins Conveys Beauty in This Poem

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Hopkins conveys beauty in this poem using a variety of different techniques. Hopkins believed all experiences were a resolution of God's will and mercy. The natural, man made a spects of this world of it beauty is God's work. In this poem he resolves that all 'aesthetic' beauty and natural beauty combine to enable us to praise god. Everything is part of his creation and his spirit is in everything This is a 'curtal' sonnet, it's the reduced version of petrarchan sonnet. The poem is split into two sections, an Octave and a Sestet. The octave has been reduced from 8 to 6 lines and the sestet has been reduced from traditional 6 line to 4 lines. This shows originality and also links to how god is original and no matter what he changes, it will still be beautiful and this is the message Hopkins is trying to convey from doing that. Firstly, the title of this poem emphasizes art. Art can illustrate beauty with colours and patterns. 'Pied Beauty' the word 'Pied' means two or more colours in dots and patches. This links to beauty because colour in dots and patches shows that the colours aren't only in one place but in fact they are spread out and that's exactly how the world is, beauty is spread out amongst the world and this is what Hopkins is trying to get to his readers. Music is also a form of art that illustrates beauty. There's a musical rhyme scheme which is "A,B,C,A,B,C,D,B,C,D,C" this can also illustrate beauty since it's a form of art. Hopkins strikes a musical repetition of sounds 'sipple','tackle', 'dazzle'. This enacts the creative act of the poem glorifies. The creativity in this illustrates how creative god is. Usually creativity relations beauty so he uses a Musical rhythm to show that god created everything to be beautiful. Hopkins tries to convey the magnificence of god by creating 'trout that swim' which are unique things but also they are a sense

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