Explore the Ways in Which Curley's Wife Is Presented in of Mice and Men

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Explore the ways in which Curley’s wife is presented and developed in Of Mice and Men Introduction Of mice and men is the intriguing story of a peculiar relationship between two ranch workers during the harsh depression of America in the 1930’s. It focuses on their relationship, the relationships that they form with the people they meet and how this affects their journey. One of the people that have a large affect on their lives is Curley’s wife. Throughout this essay I will be exploring the ways in which she develops as a character and how she is presented throughout the book. Paragraph 1 We get our first description of Curly’s wife from the old ranch hand Candy, who is also a huge gossip. Candy perceives her a ‘purty’ but also as a ‘tart. He then goes on to mention the fact that after only 2 weeks of being married to Curly she has already ‘got the eye’ for many other men on the ranch. This description gives the readers the impression that Curley’s wife is a flirtatious ‘tart’ and this is how we continue to think of Curley’s wife until later on in the book when we see her develop further into a more complex character. Paragraph 2 Candy’s first description of Curley’s wife is reinforced by Steinbeck’s description of her on page 53. She is presented by Steinbeck as having ‘full, rouged lips’ and ‘eyes heavily made up’ with ‘red fingernails’. She is also described as wearing a ‘cotton house dress’ with ‘red mules’ with bouquets of red ostrich feathers on the insteps. The amount of red incorporated into her outfit is very symbolic of her passionate and dangerous persona. When Steinbeck describes Curley’s wife as having hair hung in little rolled clusters; this is similar to her husband’s style of hair which is very Curly. Their ‘wound up hair’ represents the wound up, angry and complicated aspects of their personalities. Paragraph 3 Curley is constantly

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