"Explore the extent to which the character of Desdemona is developed"

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Desdemona evolution as a character is presented to us both as development of her true personality and as a development in the views and opinions of the other characters. Many of them hold views of Desdemona that change as the play unfolds. Desdemona starts off in her father’s eyes as possessing a ‘sprit so still and quiet’ (1/3/96), however once told of her willing marriage to Othello, Brabantio warns ‘she has deceived her father, and may thee’ (1/3/291). This change in perception of Desdemona is even more notable with regards to Othello. At the beginning of the play we are made aware of his undying love for Desdemona, telling the Duke that ‘I loved her’ (1/3/168). At this point in the play it is inconceivable that Othello could knowingly murder his wife; however Shakespeare develops the character of Desdemona through Iago to deceive Othello into action against his wife. <<Quote for this?>> Shakespeare highlights the importance of Desdemona as he does not have her hidden in the wings when other characters such as Othello or Iago are taking centre stage. Perhaps not to the extent of Juliet in ‘Romeo & Juliet’ or Cleopatra in ‘Antony and Cleopatra’; however she is present when major events occur so that we the audience can see how these events impact her and her character, we share her feelings and emotions and in doing so gain a better understanding of her as a dynamic character rather than a flat construct. Desdemona herself also undergoes growth, she starts off as being a confident young women, but then she takes this confidence too far changing instead to traits of firmness and insistence, she peaks here though and then falls into a forgiving and passive mindset, so much so that when asked who had murdered her she replies ‘Nobody. I myself’ (5/2/125). However throughout the play Desdemona embodies goodness, purity but above all naivety, and it is this

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