Explore the Character of the Inspector and Give Your View on Who or What He Is.

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The character of Inspector Goole can be explained in many ways. It is thought, that he could be a ghost, an angel, mentally disabled person Socialist “Crank” or simply just an Inspector. Priestly gives the name Goole to the Inspector. It is thought that the Inspector may not of have existed (a ghost), but maybe is supposed to be ‘the voice of their conscience’ and by asking members of the family (Mr Birling, Gerald and Shelia) about their relationship with Eva Smith he is making them think of how each one of them is to blame for her death. Another idea is that Goole is an angel sent from God to deliver the truth about the Birlings’ lives. It could be said that he has been sent to this family to make them realize their wrong doings and to make them change their lives before it is too late. This idea is supported by the fact that Mr Birling is in the middle of his capitalist speech when Inspector first arrives, and that this timing is ideal for the maximum impact upon the family – that by giving the news of Eva Smiths’ death at this time would make them think about their situation. It is argued that if he was simply a stranger he would not have been able to arrive at that exact time, so therefore he must have been sent from God, or be a Supernatural spirit. This timing is also very symbolic of the lesson Goole is trying to teach to the Birlings’, and the lesson which Priestley is trying to teach the audience. He interrupts at the height of the Mr Birling’s capitalist speech showing that the outside world affects him too. The final view on who Goole could be, is that he could be simply a Socialist “Crank” who was trying to get the family to change their ways. The Birling family were in the upper class and had reputation of not treating the lower classes very well, as can be seen by how Mr Birling had treated the people striking to get higher wages and the

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