Explore the Aspects of Love and Sex in the Play

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Explore how aspects of Love and Sex are presented in Much Ado about nothing Love and sex in “Much ado about nothing” are the most important themes in this play because they explore Elizabethan views of chastity and cuckoldry. From this play we can see that they regarded marriage and chastity as being important Benedick and Beatrice create humor through their wit and the way they seem to dislike for each other. The result of this is the positive resolution of their relationship: a declaration of true love, and finally a sincere and very open relationship, all ironically caused by deception. Benedick never listens to peoples suggestions and always ends his conversations with a ‘’jade’s trick’’. He thinks marriage reduces the quality of a man’s life. Benedick is the bachelor who is also fearful of the idea of cuckoldry “I will do myself to trust none” and he would choose to live a “bachelor”. While Beatrice is a fellow Bachelorette who thinks all men are not worthy of her “not till God makes a man of some other metal than earth” Beatrice is a very soft-hearted lady, but does not show this. At the very first mention of Benedick in the play, Beatrice begins with insults and the audiences soon notice that she is trying to hide the fact that she has true feelings for Benedick. However Although Beatrice’s comments to Benedick are considered as rude, the fact that they are so witty, and do that to amuse each other, not a sour tone included, shows us that she doesn't really mean most of the things she says. The audience can see this, and Shakespeare highlights this idea using Leonato to explain the ‘merry war’ between Benedick and Beatrice. Therefore the audience is able to watch with anticipation and amusement when we see this “merry war” come to live. Benedick enters, and Beatrice soon strikes up their conversation with the merciless remark, ‘I wonder that you will

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