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Explore some of the similarities and differences between spoken conversation and web based conversation such as Facebook, twitter? Essay; The internet originated in 1991, when CERN publicized the World Wide Web project. Which was two years after British scientist, Tim Berners Lee who was working for CERN at the time started creating HTML. There are plenty of differences and similarities between Spoken conversation and web based conversations, such as facebook and Twitter. In this discussion I will present both sides of the argument and how spoken and web based communication is used in modern society. To begin with, spoken language and web based communication both use fillers. For instance when people are talking and they need time to think of a response, they will use fillers such as; “um” and “err”. This is the same for when people are typing on the computer, when people respond with things such as “um” and “Erm” it tells the other person or people that they are thinking. Following on from that, spoken language and web based communication both use repetition. For example when people are talking and typing they will use repetition to emphasize the word that they are directly focusing on, these words are regularly repeated in conversations; “never, never, never” and “no, no, no”. When you are in a conversation it is easy to become very exaggerated about something you are critical of or of something you have faith in. In addition to that, spoken language and web based communication both use hedging. For instance when people are asking a favour or trying to soften the force at which something is said they will use hedging. In web based communication hedging is used a lot, it is used frequently to avoid misinterpretation, for example if somebody was trying to give advice and was not trying to be too harsh they would add in words like “possibly” and “perhaps”.
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