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Exploration Proposal - Gap Between the Rich and the Poor Essay

  • Submitted by: nattyrella
  • on July 29, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Exploration Proposal - Gap Between the Rich and the Poor" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Financial gap in society has always been present throughout history but the Victorian era is what interests me. I want to explore the financial inequalities between the rich and the poor. Particularly the difference in how a wealthy man dresses compared to a man striving in poverty. It is very interesting that a person can tell which social class another person is in through what clothes they wear.   I would also want to explore how much a financially well-off man owns compared to a financially challenged person. I am also interested to find out about the differences of the jobs and the gap of their incomes. I hope to explore about the educational gap between the rich and the poor. How less fortunate children have limited futures because of their lack in education.
My focus and subject matter throughout the design process will be the gap between the rich and the poor in the Victorian era. I plan to focus on the lifestyle on each class and determine the difference and gap between them financially.
The art forms I will be working on in my exploration of the financial inequalities of the Victorian era are drawing, sculpture and textiles. In my exploration of drawing, I want to capture the intricate details and the right textures in the drawings of humans in their social standings. In sculpture, drawing would be an essential component that would influence my sculptural work. I would like to focus on portraying the different material things both social classes have. In my exploration of textiles, I would want to express how vast the differences in both social classes are – just how different the rich is compared to the poor. I would also like to know how paint would look on fabric and what other materials (rice, yarn, paper) would good with it.

My main artistic influence comes from a manhwa by Kim Hee-eun titled ‘Dear My Girls’. The manhwa is set on the 1870s. It is an inspiration because it clearly shows the wealthy side of the Victorian era. It also displays...

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