Exploration of Self and Other

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Introduction The theme of both my SBA Drawing and Artwork are situated around the notion that children are indoctrinated since birth, and this indoctrination causes isolation in their minds. The indoctrination of the mind causes the child to become isolated in their way of being and living. The idea of self and other is brought in through this isolation, the question these works raise is who the other is causing the self to act in their particular way. Through personal exploration I understood that a child is born as a clean slate, and their elders are the very first to make a mark on this slate. They are the first “other” which influences the belief of the “self”. In my experience “other” ideas were taught to me since birth, and this isolated my mind from thinking in any other way, it created a juxtaposition between the self and other in me. I was the other, whilst now I strive to become self. It is hard to identify if one has been indoctrinated, and it is even harder to rebel against the ideals which one has been taught. I hope to show my opposition to the ideals which have been forced upon me without reason in my final work. Developing the notion of intersection and journey of identification of self and other in the work of Diane Victor (Strip) Image A (1999) is a pastel and charcoal drawing of a white woman as she strips her skin off. This work inspired me to think about how it is easy to strip off a characteristic of myself that I am not content with, it also helped me to develop the IEB theme: “Self and Other”. Diane Victor suggests that a women’s torso is dissected down from the middle, while she uses her own hands to pull back the flaps of her flesh. Her self-transformation shows her struggle of independence in relation to society. I was fascinated in the way that Diane Victor uses self-alteration to portray a journey within herself, where the wounds on
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