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Explication of a Raisin in the Sun Essay

  • Submitted by: Teliashird1
  • on December 5, 2014
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Telia Gibson
Professor Surface
English 102
20 October 2014
Hostility Unchained: An Explication of a
Passage of Hansberry’s” A Raisin in the Sun”

This play reflects one man’s battle with himself and his masculinity. In the passage I have
chosen, the author depicts the thematic idea that the need for masculinity brings about hostility.
In Act 3 Scene 1 , the author displays Walter’s anger at the peak. “What’s the matter with you
all! I didn’t make this world! It was given to me this way! Hell, yes , I want me some yachts
someday! Yes, I want to hang some real pearls ‘round my wife’s neck. Ain’t she supposed to
wear no pearls? Somebody tell me- tell me, who decides which women is suppose to wear pearls
in this world. I tell you I am a man-and I think my wife should wear some pearls in this world!”
(Act 3, Scene 3 pg 438) . Walter is at his wits end. The world the way he knows it is against him
and he now realizes that he has done nothing to warrant this life but he was born into it. He has
so many dreams and so many things he wants to accomplish but he knows it is pointless because
life is already set for him.   He has the desire to give his wife things that she deserves, things that
a man is supposed to do for his woman. He wants to shower her in the nicest pearls. His wife
deserves the best, but this life doesn’t allow him to do those kinds of things for her. He is
frustrated and mad that he can’t provide her with the best.
It is a constant struggle for him as man not to be able to have all the things he wants. His
mom knows that what Walter plans on doing to accomplish his goal of providing the best, is not
the best choice. “Mama: Baby, how you going feel on the inside? Walter: Fine!...Going to feel
fine…a man… Mama: You won’t have nothing left then, Walter Lee” (Act 3, Scene 3 pg 438)   .  
As a woman who has worked hard all her life and watched her husband work hard, she knows
that atthe least you have your dignity....

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