Explanations of Institutional Aggression

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Discuss explanations of institutional aggression An institution is a group or establishment, such as prison, schools, police force or the armed forces. Aggression is common place in most institutions. Aggression in these institutions can range from physical abuse, to group aggression between institutions, or subgroups within institutions. This group aggression has far more complex psychological reasoning than just individual aggression. Two main theories for institutional aggression are the importation model and the deprivation model. The importation model says that aggression within institutions comes from the people who join or are part of the institution; in prisons for example the people who enter into the institution are people who have committed a crime so they are likely to have history of aggression and violence, and so aggression is more common place in prison. Irwin and Cassey (1962) who came up with the importation model suggested that it is the prisoners bringing in their individual traits, such as religions or backgrounds, that cause conflict as their prior experiences are likely to clash with others resulting in violence. This research is backed up by Harer and Steffensmeier (2006) found that, in US prisons, black inmates had higher rates of violent behaviour but lower rates of alcohol and drug related incidences compared to white inmates; this reflected the racial differences in US society so therefore supports the model as it shows the people bringing in their personal experiences. Institutions aim to group together certain types of people; prisons group together criminals, the KKK group together people who have a particular way of thinking, the free masons group together the exclusively rich and famous. Aggression can be found in all institutions which either suggests that there are violent aggressive people widely spread and who enter a lot of

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