Explain Why the Profumo Affair Undermined Macmillan's Premiership (12)

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The Profmo Affair was a political scandal that occurred in 1963 when Conservative MP, John Profumo, was accused of having an affair with Russian model, Christene Keeler. The Daily Express broke the story in an indirect way, due to the libel law preventing them from doing so directly. The newspaper published a photo of Keeler, who was missing at the time, on the front page, next to an article reporting that John Profumo had resigned as Secretary Of State For War. This was an attempt to get the people reading the newspaper to put the pieces together and come up with a conclusion. In March 1963, when rumours were being spread about Profumo’s relationship with Keeler, he was summoned to questioning by parliament. He told them that there was no “impropriety” in his relationship with Keeler and even threatened to sue anybody who made these allegations against him. However, in June 1963, Profumo was exposed and was forced to come clean in the House Of Commons. He revealed that he had misled the House and stepped down from his position in parliament and in the government. Keeler later on told national tabloid, News Of The World, her story which allowed the public to get a better understanding of the details regarding the whole affair. The fact that Profumo, who along with Macmillan was a member of the Establishment, lied in the House Of Commons under oath, tarnished the reputation of the Conservative party and even shook confidence within it. Profumo had also undermined the Establishment which was set in its traditional, Edwardian ways. This brought embarrassment to Macmillan as he too was a part of
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