Explain Why The Pilgrimage Of Grace Failed.

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The Pilgrimage of grace failed for many reasons, however, I think it failed mainly due to poor leadership. This is because Robert Aske accepted the King’s pardon at the River Don and trusted that Henry was going to discuss their grievances in court. When they accepted the pardon they dispersed back to their homes, which meant that when Henry didn’t do anything about their grievances then it would be difficult for all the rebels to regroup. The rebellion was regionalised to the North of the country and was too far away from London go back after just coming back. M.L Bush said that ‘It was interconnected regional rebellions rather than one fluid movement’ because once the rebels had gone back to where they lived dotted across the North of England they would all have to meet up rather than go down to London in one group. Also the rebels outnumbered the King’s army 4:1 when they were confronted at the River Don. Instead of accepting the King’s pardon they should have risked battle once they dispersed they were no longer a threat to Henry. They were the stronger force but they tried to negotiate before they had achieved anything. This is another point towards poor leadership because there was no clear plan in how they were going to get their terms accepted only what terms they wanted. Another reason the rebellion failed was due to the lack of passion in the rebels. Not everyone knew what they were rebelling for which meant that they wouldn’t fight passionately for what they believed in. There was also a lack of focus because not everyone was fighting for the same cause. Some people were fighting because of the monasteries being dissolved and others were fighting because of rack-renting. As C.S.L Davies said there was ‘Interaction and Fusion of several causes’ hence the vast numbers. Overall I think that the pilgrimage of grace was a demonstration rather than
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