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The least restrictive interventions must be used as it is very intimidating to someone who is vulnerable and unable to get control of themselves. It can feel like violation. Going in 'heavy handed' can escalate a situation and end up doing more damage. e.g. if Bob is showing body language changes as in his facial expressions are showing anxiety and tension then it does not work for us to start giving orders or using nonviolent restraint because maybe a supportive staff response would help Bob became less anxious and tense. We must keep to using minimum intervention to encourage trust and relationship with Service User so we are not feared This is from my training I received. You must follow certain steps as not complying with the required levels and trying to go 'heavy handed' will risk a situation escalating. Lots of people in very day life have a point where they feel wound up or unable to control there emotions, and these can more often than not be meet with different levels. In the course I attended regarding non-violent restraint, I learnt that there are usually four levels of crisis development. The Anxiety Level This can be identified by noticing changes in behaviours, different changes for different individuals. To aid in this level then a supportive staff response may be all that is required to defuse the situation. Acknowledging what is causing the anxiety and talking about things that may resolve the anxiety may simply end the crisis development. An example could be that a service user is expecting to go for an outing at 10am but notices that the time is getting on for 10.15 and no one has explained any reason why the Service User has not left for activity. The Defensive Level This signifies the beginning stages of loosing rationality. Behaviour in the individual can be seen to change, it can be cues of changing body language, verbally challenging

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