Explain Why the Issue of Terrorism Continues to Be Important Today Essay

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. “Al-Qaeda, the Pakistani Taliban, Shabab, and other Islamist terrorist groups have all been motivated to retaliate against what they perceive as foreign meddling”- a statement from huff post world. This quote tells us that many terrorists share the same motive for their extreme actions and what they call as ‘Jihad’ meaning struggling for ‘Allah’ or a holy war. The journalist is referring to the American involvements with other countries, and he is not presenting them in a positive way as he later goes on to blame the US involvements for the recent terrorist attack on a mall in Kenya. We can see that the American foreign policy is still infuriating Islamic fundamentalists, people who believe in living by the traditional interpretations of the Qur’an. America pursues the power to protect and project America’s national interests around the world. This essay is going to explore why this issue is still important today and outlining the key events which made some fundamentalists to retaliate. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia wields significant global and economic influence as the birthplace of the Islamic faith and the trade of its large oil reserves. The close US-Saudi relations for example the oil company Aramco brought many Americans to Saudi Arabia. Western influences like clothing, fashion and technology was against true Islamic way of life for some fundamentalists. Religious police enforced with the strict Sharia law (a code of law derived from the Qur’an and other Islamic teachings) was put to place to “ensure all rules were strictly obeyed”, however the presence of western citizens resisted these regulations which disgusted fundamentalists and they felt it was like a threat to their faith, as a result they seized Mecca’s mosque. In an interview with Osama Bin laden; it mentions that “Bin Laden’s anger with the United States stems from the 1990 decision by Saudi

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