Explain Why The Great Reform Act Of 1832 Was Pass Essay

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A) Explain why the great reform act of 1832 was passed The great reform act of 1832 was passed for multiple reasons. These included The inefficiency of the old electoral system, the death of King George IV and the revival of the Whigs. The old electoral system was a major reason for reform. The Old electoral system was extremely unorganised, unfair and at some points strange. In cities like Manchester there was little to no representation while in Old Sarum, a town that had thrived in the Middle Ages but at that time had a population of 15 could get two seats in parliament. There were no secret ballots and while in some places there was a fair way of gaining a vote, such as having property in others the criteria was having a fire in your house hot enough to boil a kettle. Due to the lack of secret ballots, bribery was rife when it came to voting and usually the person who got voted to parliament was the one who could give the best bribes. The revival of the Whigs was a large factor as they supported the people’s demands and as such gained a lot of support. They were also willing to give rights to the newly developed middle class. Their Leader, Lord Grey was an aristocrat who believed in practical reforms to pacify the angry radicals. A political problem was the death of King George IV was also a big factor. His death gave an encouragement to the pro reform as George had been primarily against reform, while his brother, William IV was more willing to help the cause of the reform. The death of a king also meant elections and in the November 1830 elections the pro reform candidates did well and their leader, Earl Grey became the P.M. Overall the Great reform act was passed to pacify the newly formed middle class and working class and to make sure that the politicians in parliament were not corrupt. Or had simply become politicians through bribery or other unfair

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