Explain Why so Many People Immigrated to America at the End of the 19th Century?

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In the 19th century thousands travelled to America for a better life these people could have been anything from the Irish to the Germans, they all went to America in the hope of making their life better and achieving the ‘American dream’. A lot of people immigrated to the US in the 19th century because they thought it was the key to getting better jobs and wages. The US’s industry is more advanced at the time than any other place so being able to work somewhere which was producing something on mass scales and that would have nee more man power so it could operate, these business were thought to earn you more money and give you a better style of life. So people in the 19th century immigrated to the US because they were in search of a better life which they would be able to have jobs with decent wages. The people who had immigrated to the US wanted decent wages to buy or rent houses with so they would have some where to stay while working, the accommodation in the US was seen to be better because you would be able to live in places where you would not be persecuted fro your religion or ethnic origin. There would have been small village like areas of the same religions or ethnic origins where people would be able to be the same and not have to act any differently or be someone else, in the end many people immigrated to the US in search of not being chased after because of your religion or ethnic background, then once they were in the US they were able to live and be around other like them and live in peace. More women came over to the US because they would be given more freedom, it might not have been a lot but it would have been more than they would have had in the own country, the social opportunities for them also would have been better because they would have been able to move about more freely and interact with others. But there still problems with this,

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