Explain Why Relations Between the Usa and Soviet Union Grew Worse as a Result of the Peace Conferences During World War Two. (12 Marks)

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In this question, I will look at the relations between the USA and the Soviet Union and explore why they dramatically deteriorated because of the results of the peace conferences which occurred during World War Two. I will look at the three conferences which were Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam and make a conclusion saying which was the most important reason and why it was. The first conference was Tehran which was held in Iran, November 1943. The USA and the UK promised to send troops to the Western Europe by spring 1944. However, they never did it and broke their promise. They ended up not sending as many troops as they had initially agreed and this caused Stalin having to put more troops out from Russia than he needed to. This caused relationships between the USA and the Soviet Union to change because Stalin lost trust in them and believed that if they had broken promises once, they were more than likely to break them again. The second conference was in Yalta, Russia. It was held in February 1945. This conference was called to help the Allies decide what would happen to Europe, in particular Germany, at the end of the Second World War. Germany was not yet defeated, so, although there were tensions about Poland, the big three - Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill managed to agree to split Germany into 4 zones of occupation. However, the Big Three disagreed on how much Germany were to pay in reparations. Stalin wanted a much higher figure than Roosevelt and Churchill and this caused rivalry and dispute as they could not agree and this decision had to be delayed until the next conference. Because of this disagreement, the three superpowers took different sides. Stalin, due to him coming from a communist county, he demanded Germany paid a bigger sum of money back. The last conference was held in July 1945 and was in Potsdam, Germany. At this period, Germany had been
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