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Neda Sharifi Professor Rodger Writing-1 5 February 2009 What does it mean to be a California? In the late 1800’s people came to California for the fascination of gold, many people relocated along the San Francisco bay and all throughout the coast of California. Often the people that moved to California saw it as a new beginning, to start fresh, in a place in which was rich in culture and diversity and also filled with people in search for a new dream. The early settlers throughout California came from a hard past in search of a second chance. Coming from England I always viewed California through the television, as a place where you could go to the beach, enjoy a nice warm day in the winter months and live next to the celebrities for Hollywood. From what I experience in the television the media portrayed the meaning of being a Californian glamour pretty person. While still living England the thought came to mind that it must be wonderful to live and be in California, it seem like a place where you could come and make you own life and just become someone new. As the old saying goes be careful what you wish for, because you might get it. In this case my mother and father decided to move to America specifically California where I always wanted to live. Happy with news I told all my friends that I was moving to…show more content…
But sometime people a shrouded with façade that California is big movie stars and nice beaches with some beautiful people. The reality is that the more people that talked to the most common answered people told me when I asked what it means to be a Californian, they said that it is a place that they could come and have a second chance and start fresh. As like it was started the meaning of e being a California is to be re- new and become someone new and become better than

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