Explain What Is Meant by Intelligent Design

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Explain what is meant by intelligent design Intelligent design comes from the creationist teachings who's belief is that science is unconstitutional however even though it is believed the universe is created through a higher intelligent design, it does not necessarily have to be God. Creationists also believe that the story of creation from the bible is literally true and actually occurred. According to them the creation of the universe was designed through a higher being, that being God. Intelligent design is split into three smaller subsets, the first being irreducible complexity of which all objects and organisms in the universe have. Meaning they are very complex and are not able to be explained through the 'simplistic' means of natural selection and evolution theories. For example the way the human body works and sustains itself. Each organ in the body aids in keeping itself alive, working like clockwork and working with those around itself. if any of those parts were to be moved into another place or another order the body would not work properly and complete what each part should. This shows that the body must have been made or created through intelligent design rather than the sluggish pace of evolution. Another being all in existence falling under specified complexity, this means that all objects and organisms have such complexity which is so great that they must have been specified only by God. Also they have been created in a specific way so it only works in the way that it was initially brought into existence, there is no other way of explaining this that through an intelligent designer. For example the human eye, manages to capture light that bounces off an object and making humans able to see. If any part of the eye were different the eye would no longer function the way as we know it and humans may no longer be able to see the way they do as we
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