Explain What Does Duty Of Care Mean In Relatio In Health And Social Care

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1 In the health care setting, what is the purpose of WHS? Provide two examples in 100 words.. Work Health and Safety aims to ensure that every employee is working in an environment with lowest the possible risk of disease or injury from any factor in the work place. WHS within health care is very detailed, with a great deal of health care facilities employing a designated WHS consultant whose solo role is to undertake the ongoing implementation and adherence to WHS guidelines and legislative requirements. • Protecting workers and other persons against harm to their health, safety and welfare through the elimination or minimisation of risk arising from work. • providing for fair and effective workplace , representation , consultation , cooperation and issue resolution in relation to work health and safety 2 What does duty of care mean in…show more content…
3 What are the responsibilities of the employer in WHS? The employee? EMPLOYER provide a safe and healthy workplace identify any hazards reduce risk support the health and safety committee provide training in workplace safety define and set guidelines of safe practise for each task to be undertaken in the workplace Provide equipment to protect workers as needed (personal protective equipment – PPE). EMPLOYEE work safely take care to consider the safety of others when working report any health and safety concerns to a supervisor or to the health and safety committee assist and support employers to follow health and safety provisions Wear PPE whenever needed. (Safe Work Australia, 2011, np) 4 Define the following terms – a. Risk b. Hazard c. Hierarchy of control d. Risk assessment RISK. A risk is the likelihood that death, injury or illness may result because of the

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