Explain Ways To Embed Elements Of Functional Skills In Your Specialist Area

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PTTLS: Explain ways to embed elements of Functional Skills in your specialist area The first important consideration for me will be to ensure that my own Functional Skills are good and that I am fully up to date with advances in IT. Literacy Acupuncture students are working at degree level and will have to read, research and submit referenced theses. Their work will be checked for fluency, spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. Speaking, listening and responding are equally important literacy skills. They are also essential for acupuncturists so the course is filled with exercises designed to develop them. After getting the students to discuss the meaning of professional rapport and intimacy, I could have them practise compassionate interviewing techniques by having them role-play different scenarios, playing patient and practitioner. I could then get them to focus on giving and receiving sensitive and constructive feedback on their listening and speaking roles. Numeracy One of the modules I shall be teaching will be “Building an Acupuncture Practice”. Getting students to draw up a detailed business plan will be one way of incorporating mathematical skills. I could ask them to assess and include information on what percentage of their time they plan to devote to acupuncture treatments. I could get them to include projections of how much they expect to earn. Another exercise could be to get them to chart their own calorific intake and break the information down into a pie chart showing the ratios of their intake of protein/fat/carbohydrate. Information and Communications Technology I could get students to research and present to the group a project on how they plan to promote their businesses, and what legislation they will need to take into account. As part of the exercise I could ask that they write and design draft adverts and

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