Explain The Three Central Ideas Of Macbeth

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Central ideas of Macbeth are those like in the beginning of the play when the Three Witches tell Macbeth that he is going to be King. When telling Macbeth he was going to be King they gave him a sense of greed. When he told his wife about this prophecy she cond Macbeth into killing King Duncan. Killing the King was another Central Idea, The central idea led to the sons of King Duncan to run for their lives leaving the next person in place taking the throne who was you guessed it! Macbeth. Macbeth killed the king allowing the first central idea which was the Three Witches Prophecy to come true. When this came true Macbeth now thought that the witches were going to be correct all the time and everything they said was always going to happen.…show more content…
Macbeth was then killed by Macduff and this led Macduff to be King. The three central ideas all led up to each other in a very clean mannered way. Macbeth was told given the honor of being the thore of caladore but then these three very ugly witches came to Macbeth and told him that he was going to be King soon. They never told him how no matter how much he pleaded for them to tell him when he got back to his house he told his wife Lady Macbeth about the prophecy she was overwhelmed with greed. Right away she came up with the idea of killing the king. She talked Macbeth into stabbing the King that night and he did just this. Macbeth stabbed the king and came down worried that the soldiers surrounding him had woken. He still had the daggers in his hand and this was going to get him caught so Lady Macbeth took the daggers and placed them back by the king leaving both her and Macbeths hands bloody. Someone already found the king and yelled “MURDER” while the two were washing the blood from their hands. People are told of what Macbeth had done and more people were killed. Macduff came back and killed Macbeth and was then crowned
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