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Task B leaflet. a) The Equality Act 2010 defines ‘protected characteristics’ of individuals in order to protect people from different types of discrimination. Protected Characteristics are: * Age * Disability * Gender reassignment * Race * Religion and belief * Sex * Sexual orientation * Marriage or civil partnership * Pregnancy and maternity Different types of discrimination are described in the Equality Act 2010 * Direct discrimination * Indirect discrimination * Harassment * third party harassment * discrimination by association * perception discrimination * victimisation The CQC have produces Essential Quality Standards which will replace the National Minimum Standards. This document sets out essential standards of quality…show more content…
You should: * Promote equal opportunities for service users and carers respecting diversity and different cultures and values You should not: * Discriminate unlawfully or unjustifiably against service users, carers or colleagues. * Condone any unlawful or unjustifiable discrimination by service users, carers or colleagues. There is also an Equal Opportunities Policy within my company which sets out guidelines for diversity, inclusion, anti-discrimination practice and equal opportunities. b) If it is proven that legislation or codes of practice have been broken, this can lead to disciplinary action dismissal or even criminal action as these are legal requirements. The effect it can have on the service user can be very serious; they can feel worthless and have a lack of trust in the service. c) It is about ensuring that there are no barriers that would exclude people or make them feel difficult for them to fully participate in society. People must be included in all aspects of life and not excluded because of illness or a
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