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Task 1 St Vincent de Paul Society in Queensland is a big operation that spreads from the cities to the outback, covering an area of over 1.7million kilometres and with a population of over 3.8 million people. There are over 8000 members and volunteers who work tirelessly for the Society. Employees support these members in their work. Staff are employed from a variety of backgrounds, including social workers, truck drivers, shop assistants and accountants, to name just a few. It is important and a top priority for the Society that we work together as a team to support the good works being carried out. Each employee has an important role to play in this organisation and without each and every one, the Society could not achieve its…show more content…
• Sexual harassment includes: o unwanted attention or touching o sexual propositions o leering or staring o offensive language o displaying nude images o persistent requests for dates o crude or offensive jokes. • Harassment will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken against those responsible. Inclusive language • When writing internal or external documents, ensure that non-sexist and non-racist language is used by: o avoiding male-dominated terms (e.g. use ‘chair’ or ‘chairperson’ instead of ‘chairman’) o eliminating the unnecessary use of the person’s gender (e.g. ‘female Manager’) o avoiding the use of ‘he’ or ‘she’ (use ‘their’ instead of ‘his’ or ‘her’). Breaches of EEO • All breaches of EEO will be taken seriously. • Complaints will be dealt with promptly and in accordance with relevant State and Federal legislation. • All complaints will remain confidential. Employees who feel that they are victims of discrimination or harassment: • Approach the Manager to discuss appropriate actions or…show more content…
This requires a mechanism for reaching a fair and equitable resolution. The purpose of St Vincent de Paul Disability Service Complaints procedure is to provide a process whereby Staff /Resident and their support person/up line management or advocates as well as representatives and staff of other agencies can register a complaint without fear of discrimination and in the knowledge that a resolution in the interests of both parties will be pursued. The procedure is based on conciliation rather than confrontation, achieved through a process of mediation. The process is conducted in a non-threatening manner and a fair and equitable solution is sought. The rights of all parties are respected, including the rights of privacy and

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