Explain the Sequence and Rate of Birth Aspect of Development from Birth -19 Years.

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Children’s do not develop at the same rate as each other. Every child has different rate of development. These are the main areas of development 1. Physical development 2. Social and emotional development 3. Intellectual development 4. Language development Milestones mark the achievement of certain mental and physical abilities and signal the end of period and the beginning of another. The age ranges for each milestone are: 0- 3 years 3- 7 years 7-12 years 12-19 years Age 0 to 3 years 1. Physical development: Babies turn their head towards sounds and movement’s .They like to watch the face of adult at feeding time. They start sitting with support and gradually sit alone .They raise their hand and aspect to be lifted. They try to walk alone. They try to hold pencil and try to write. 2. Social and emotional development: At the initial months they will recognize their mothers face and voice; they enjoy playing with others and game like peak-boo. They will please adults and perform for the audience. They develop sense of identity. Some want to do everything themselves. 3. Intellectual development: They begin to realise others are separate beings from themselves. They imitate others and try out ways of behaving in play. They will become more confident but still they need adult support. 4. Language development: Initially they make variety of happy sounds. As they grow they will make four to five different sounds and turn their head towards sources of sounds. Then they improve from using single words to complex words. By two they will use 30 to 150 words. After that they put words together into sentence. Ages 3 to 7 years 1. Physical development: They try to walk on tiptoe, walk up and down stairs. They jump with feet together. They will hop. As they grow they will ride bicycle. They climb confidently. They write. 2. Social

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