Explain The Role Of Sexual Abuse In Health And Social Care

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Ai Physical Abuse can be inflicted over long periods of time; it can consist of one or more acts of aggressive behavior, usually resulting in physical injury with possible bruising, black eyes, broken bones and cuts or scratches, it could also be where the Client may be handled in a rough manner which is not warranted by a carer or relative looking after them. Sexual Abuse is the forcing of any unwanted sexual activity by one or more persons on another, this could mean by the use of threats or friendly coercion. This could involve touching the person in private places up to and including complete sexual acts when the person does not want nor has the understanding of what is happening to them. Sexual activity is particularly improper…show more content…
The Client may well experience a sense of low self esteem, fearfulness, anxiety and feel as if their control is being limited as to what they spend their own funds on. Institutional Abuse as in emotional and psychological abuse your Client will show some of the signs stated above such as feelings of depression, withdrawal from interacting with their peers, isolating themselves from their friends and family. They will generally feel as though their ‘rights’ are being neglected but unable to express this therefore they become frustrated and their mood swings will become unpredictable. They will show signs of low self esteem, fearfulness, anxiety and not knowing who to trust will compound these feelings of self…show more content…
The Public Guardian and his staff is the registering authority for LPAs and deputies. They supervise deputies appointed by the Court and provide information to help the Court make decisions. They will also work with other agencies, such as the police and Social Services, to respond to any concerns raised about the way in which an attorney or deputy is operating. A Public Guardian Board will be appointed to scrutinise and review the way in which the Public Guardian discharges his functions. Statement of Government Policy on Adult Safeguarding (See App Avii (1) Aviii The Government Role is to provide Legislation to prevent and reduce the risk of significant harm to vulnerable people from abuse (all types) or any kind of exploitation, whilst supporting individuals in maintaining control over there lives in making informed decisions without the coercion from other sources i.e. perhaps relatives, care attendants etc. The Local Authorities and Local Multi Agencies Role is to provide leadership and guidance on how to work in less risk-averse ways and to concentrate on the outcomes of the policies in place rather than focus on compliance. These policies will differ with each situation and

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