Explain the Role of an Event Organiser Essay

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Explain the role of an event organiser Organising It is very important that you pick the right venue, as it’s central to any sort of business event as it affects the atmosphere. Choosing the right venue can make a big difference between and event being successful or not. The location of a venue will definitely effect whether the event will be a huge success or not. The target market should influence the location; in this case the event is for an enterprise launch day, so you would be looking for local participants, the event’s organiser would then need to think of the best location in the local area. The size of the location will have a massive impact on the event, a large location will be able to take in more people and it may even have a bigger range of facilities. But, however a smaller scale location may also provide more of a relaxed and friendly atmosphere if lesser people attended it. Additionally, certain locations like hotels provide a number of diverse meeting room options that may even accommodate up to 1000 people. The layout needs to be looked at as well; especially business events need to be taken into contemplation. Venues can be an open plan, such as conference hall, or divided into different sized rooms, such as hotels. Certain events may be able to shelter large areas and might also include different buildings. In terms of catering, refreshments are significant element of any business event. Even short small scale business meeting, often include tea, coffee and water. If the event is scheduled for the whole morning or afternoon then it will suitable that small pastries or cakes will be served. Events that last for the whole day will often include lunch, which may be a buffer where representatives can help themselves or sit-down lunch with silver service. The kind of food that is served will often be influenced by the delegates which are

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