Explain the Relationship Between Urban Dynamics and Economic Character Essay

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Explain the relationships between the urban dynamics and the changing economic character of a large city in the developed world. Sydney is a large city in the developed world. It is the largest city in Australia with just over 4 million people. It is located around Sydney Harbour and sprawls over the Cumberland plain on the east coast of NSW at 34 S, 151 E. The relationships between urban dynamics and its changing economic character will be discussed in this essay. Sydney’s economy, since its establishment in 1788, has depended on trade. The growth of ports and related industries along the southern shore of the harbour both to the west and the east of the CBD during the 1800’s reflected this economic role. In the 1900’s manufacturing grew to the south of the CBD and the airport became established on Botany Bay. From the 1960’s, changes in transport and industrial technology started to change this pattern and in the last decades on the 1900’s, Sydney moved into an economy based increasingly on services, especially those related to the process of globalisation, and became increasingly part of the global network of world cities. These changes in economic character were reflected in the urban dynamics operating to change the physical character of large area of Sydney. The urban dynamics of suburbanisation, urban consolidation, urban decay and renewal and manhattanisation operated to produce substantial change in the inner areas of metropolitan Sydney over the last 40 years. Pre- WW2 Sydney’s main roles were as an export/import port for NSW and a manufacturing and service centre for the local population. Wharves had developed along the southern side of the Harbour from Woolloomooloo in the east to Balmain and Homebush Bay in the west. Warehouses and industries developed close to the ports to process raw materials or store goods before distribution or

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