Explain the Relationship Between Quality Function Deployment (Qfd) and House of Quality (Hoq) Essay

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EXPLAIN THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN QUALITY FUNCTION DEPLOYMENT (QFD) AND HOUSE OF QUALITY (HOQ) The discussion below seeks to describe the terms: QFD and HOQ, and establish the relationship that exists between the two. Organizations cannot just assume that they know what customers want, in terms of products and services, from them. Companies want to know how to determine what really matters to customers and how to translate what matters into requirements that are meaningful to an0 d can be acted upon by their design and manufacturing functions. QFD is the planning, communication and documentation technique that resolves these two wishes of the organisation. QFD is also a structured process for translating customer requirements into specific products or services and for determining the process or systems to produce those products or services. It consists in translating customer desires (for example the ease of writing with a pen) into design characteristics (pen into viscosity and pressure on ball- point) for each stage of the product development (Rosenthal, 1992). QFD basically documents customer requirements and the technical ability of the organisation to meet each customer requirement. It is applied in a wide variety of services, consumer products, military needs and emerging technology. HOQ is a diagram used for defining the relationship between customer desires and the firm or product capabilities. It is part of the QFD and utilizes a planning matrix to relate what the customer wants to how a firm (that produces the product) is going to meet those wants. It is based on ‘’the belief that products should be designed to reflect customers’ desires and tastes. It is so called because when fully constructed, it takes the shape of a roofed house. HOQ is also reported to increase cross functional integration within organisations using it, especially between

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