Explain the Principle Psychological Perpectives P1

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Explain the principle psychological perspectives P1 In this essay I am going to be looking at six different psychological perspectives and will be explaining in detail what they are. I will also be looking at what psychologist are related or have done experiments related to each one of those psychological perspectives. The six psychological perspectives that I will be looking at are the behaviourist approach, social learning, psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive/information processing, and the biological perspective. First of all, I will be looking at and explaining the behaviourist perspective. There are two scientists who do work relevant to the behaviourist approach, which are Ivan Pavlov and Skinner. Even today, their theories are still relevant. In this approach, it is said that you learn through observation and you also learn from the environment. The behaviourist approach states that you learn through nurture more than you learn through nature. The behaviourist psychologist says that all human behaviour is learnt from experience. The first scientist that I am going to be looking at is Skinner. Skinner looks at operant conditioning. Operant conditioning focuses on whether your behaviour is voluntary or involuntary. There are two key terms to Skinner’s ‘operant conditioning’ approach these are, negative reinforcement and positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is strengthening behaviour by removing an unpleasant stimulus. Many people get confused between a negative reinforcement with a ‘punishment’. Reinforcement and a ‘punishment’ are two different things. This is because reinforcement is done so that the behaviour occurs more, but punishments are given to decrease certain behaviour. Positive reinforcement is, instead of taking something away, you add something so that behaviour will occur again in the future. This means that you get a reward for
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