Explain the Main Reasons Why Stalin Introduced the Five Year Plans

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Stalin’s Five Year Plans were in fact not plans, and for definite did not last a total of five years. Instead they were huge propaganda campaigns to persuade Russians that something amazing and creative was taking place. This labelled Stalin’s plans as the ‘Biggest economic experiment of the 20th Century,’ which was in fact true, as they completely reformed Russia’s economy. There are three main causes in Stalin’s USSR that caused him to initiate the Five Year Plans. These include political, ideological and last but not least economic. All above causes combined causing Stalin to introduce these plans, which would revolutionise Russia forever. Political reasons were a main cause for Stalin to initiate the 1st Five Year Plan (1928-1932). Russia was a very lonesome country in terms of politics, unable to defend herself against capitalist countries. Without communist allies Russia needed necessities for modern warfare. This is when Stalin’s elite obsession for iron, steel and oil began. Which is ironic, as Stalin’s name in Russian is the equivalent to ‘Man of Steel.’ In his mind, without these raw materials, war would become a certain loss if it was to break out. Stalin described these materials as ‘Decisive branches of industry’ and in order for Russia to advance and industrialise these would be needed of vast quantities. He then intended for a mass increase in resource production to take place, which in fact did occur over the coming plans. Another political reason was that Stalin needed to develop a reputation that would supress that of Lenin. This was very important for Stalin as people viewed him as Lenin’s underdog, stating that Stalin lived in his shadow constantly referring to him whenever possible. This therefore retained Lenin’s god-like figure, which angered Stalin. He then decided to talk about Lenin’s mistakes to the Bolshevik Party, which came as a huge
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