Explain The Main Features Of The Current Employment Legislation

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1.1 Although every aspect of employment is covered by different rules and regulations this is the list of aspects covered in employment by law. * Disability discrimination act. * Sex discrimination act. * Race recognition act. * Gender recognition act. * Harassment. * Equal Pay. * Equality for religion or belief acts. * Age discrimination. (Equality age regulation act) * Data protection Act. * Working hours. 1.2 In this list it contains the main features of the current employment legislation. 1.3 The legislation relating to employment law exists so that everybody has a fair chance at gaining and succeeding in employment. Employers cannot discriminate you under this legislation because of your age,…show more content…
E.G locked filing cabinet Employees and employers should be able to access this information as and when it is necessary. 2.5 Working with my employer: My job is to be a Care Assistant. I take care of elderly people’s needs on a daily basis. I assist with personal care of each resident like washing and dressing, going to the toilet and helping to bed, bathing and in some occasions even helping to eat. I am respectful and supportive, making sure that dignity is kept at all times. I make sure that each room has clean towels and wash cloths for morning and night. I also communicate with relatives and visitors on a daily basis to ensure all needs that may not have been shared directly are being met. 3.1-3.4 My own role fits in with the majority of the service provided. I have a key role in ensuring the elderly resident is looked after, healthy and happy. This could mean a number of things. Based on my own judgement it is my responsibility to communicate with the wider sector or health care to assist with any personal issues or problems with those in my care. E.g *
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