Explain The Importance Of Safeguarding Children In Your Setting

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There are a number of policies that help safeguard the children in your setting. These policies are the Safeguarding Policy, Missing Child Policy, Food Hygiene Policy, Accident and Illness Policy and the Health and Safety Policy. The Safeguarding Policy protects children in a number of ways through things like data protection and mobile phone policies and procedures. In a setting, children are allowed to have their picture taken to decorate their classrooms and to show their achievements whatever they may be, this camera should not though, be a member of staffs personal camera or mobile phone, it should be on a camera that’s only use is for the setting and it shouldn’t leave that setting for the protection of the children. The data protection…show more content…
The police should be contacted to help find the child if they have wandered off of the premises. The Food Hygiene Policy helps to protect children because its aim is to get members of staff to support food safety and decide where is and where isn’t an acceptable place to eat, drink and prepare food. They also want to make sure that the members of staff who are serving the foods’ personal hygiene is of an acceptable level to be dishing out food to the children. The Accident and Illness Policy was put in place to promote the safety of the children. If there is an accident in the setting where the child hurts themselves then they would be taken to the first aid room and have something like a plaster put on them if they had cut their knee for example and they were not allergic to them. If it was more serious then they would get the school’s first aider which every school needs, whether or not if it is someone who is already working there anyway. If a child was ill and was vomiting for example, then they would be sent home and would not be able to return to the setting for
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