Explain the Importance and Influence of Livia During the Reign of Augustus

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------------------------------------------------- Explain the importance and influence of Livia during the reign of Augustus The women of Augustus’ family were raised in the palace under the strict supervision of Augustus; they had to set a positive example to society and were important in the formation of dynastic marriages. Born in 58 BCE and the daughter of a Roman noble named Marcus Livius Drusus Claudius depicted in statues as having "a commanding presence, features of perfect regularity, enormous eyes and thick, wavy hair", she is Livia. Symbolism was very important in Rome, resembled through the fasces as they were symbols of power; the closing of the gates of the temple of Janus symbolised the newly won peace, and in relation to the people of Rome, Livia played an important symbolic role in the Augustan Age. Livia symbolised womanhood along with being the Imperial mother. Livia was portrayed as the patron of family life being both the first wife and mother of the state, symbol of chaste and old-fashioned Roman womanhood. As Livia was the wife of Augustus, she was granted many privileges. Firstly, in 35BC she was given the sacrosanctity of a tribune. This was significant as this was the first time it had ever been given to a woman who was not a Vestal Virgin. In 35BC she was given the unprecedented honour of managing her own finances, this was important because it gave Livia independence and had set an example to the woman of Rome which had then influenced the woman to be of the same. In source 10.19, Suetonius suggests that by Livia being married to Augustus she had primarily thought that she had a large say in the decisions and influences of Augustus, but as Augustus turns down Livia’s request “I would far rather forfeit whatever he may owe the Privy Purse, than cheapen the value of the Roman citizenship” suggests that Augustus didn’t want to take

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