Explain the Impact of Colonisation on the Indigenous Populations

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There are many impacts of colonisation on the indigenous populations. Once the colonisation started the indigenous people lost everything they had believed in. The pints that will be examined during this essay are the following their loss of land, when the war began, they spread of diseases .The purpose of this easy is to provide people with abit of information on the colonisation affected the indigenous people. Wars and mascara’s is one of the negative impact that occurred to indigenous people once the Europeans colonised. Firstly, the reason why was began was because the British government wanted to make land for farming. But the aboriginals didn’t accept and started to fight for their land. Secondly, the most dangerous war/mascara was the Myall creek massacre where twelve local stockmen decided to start to kill people. They tied up 28 people including children. The stockmen brutally beat the aboriginal people to death. Finally, the second type of massacres which occurred was called the Risdon massacre. The time this mascara started was at 1804 at Risdon near Hobart. At this time there were three aboriginal men who were killed. But after abit of time the death of people began to increase rapidly. Wars and massacres is an impact also experienced by Indians in North America. The most tragic war of the Indians was the battle of the Wounded Knee. In this massacre there was a place in the Sioux community which was a very dangerous place for the Sioux people so big foot the Sioux chief decided to move to a safer place. One of the US soldiers orders the Sioux people to go back to their place HOWEVER one Sioux soldier didn’t want to go back and people started to fight back in a result 300 men including women and children were killed. Overall the wars and massacres was a major impact on both the Native American Indians and aboriginal people. Loss of land was another

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