Explain The Goals Of Reconstruction

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Unit 6 Goals of Reconstruction- rebuilt America physically, politically, socially, and economically. Southern states would be brought back into the Union peacefully and be rebuilt, and African Americans would be given more rights. Four goals were to rebuild Southern industry, farms, homes, roads, and cities. To re-integrate the defeated Southern society back into the larger United States, which the South fought the Civil War to win its Independence from. To integrate newly freed Black slaves into Southern and American society, ensuring their equal rights and citizenship in the United States and to integrate Southern culture and values into the larger American culture and society. The South fought the Civil War believing that its "way of life" was incompatible with…show more content…
The period of rebuilding that followed the Civil War, during which the defeated Confederate states were readmitted to the Union. Unit 7 Gold Rush/Effects- miners rushed to get gold but Native American didn’t want them too. Mass migration, leads to comp. of 1850. Effects of westward expansion- brought problems with Native Americans, This is a simplified list of United States territorial acquisitions, beginning with American independence. Note that this list primarily concerns land acquired from other nation-states; the numerous territorial acquisitions from American Indians are not listed here. Transcontinental railroad/effects-Carnegie owned all of the steel. A railroad line linking the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States, completed in 1869. Collective bargaining- negotiating between labor and managements for wages, benefits ,etc. Social Darwinism- “the strongest business survive”. (Rich=rich, naturally smart.) Immigration/motivation- Many people came for jobs, religious freedoms, and freedom from war. Nativism/beliefs- hated immigrants and African Americans, anti-immigration
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