Explain the Concepts of Equality and Diversity Supported by Particular Examples.

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EDR P1 In this essay I will explain the concepts of equality and diversity supported by particular examples. I will also explain care value base. I will then identify 5 weaknesses in the Henry Smith case study and give reasons why I think it’s a weakness then I will explain what I would do to eliminate the weakness also suggest improvements and why I would do so. Equality is there in health and social to make sure that people have equal rights and opportunities, equality has become an important focus. By law every organisation must have an equal opportunities policy that all employees can see. Diversity is the term used to describe the differences between individuals. In its positive sense diversity means that all individuals are respected and valued. A valuable way of bring diversity to a wide range of people is the arts. For example museums and exhibitions give an understanding of different cultures from different parts of the world past present. Another aspect is films which are produced in other countries can show different cultures in a form that is easy to understand as well as process. It may also educate people about other cultures. Tolerance is an extremely important quality to have working in a health and social care environment. It is a possibility you will come across people that disagree and have different view from you or people you may not get along with. This has to be accepted in life as we are all individuals and can’t always get along with everyone. When working with colleagues, and helping others you have to be mature and professional, even if you don’t want to. Education has been a huge development over the past few years with diverse cultures being researched within the curriculum. This implies equality, diversity and rights (EDR) training in a health and social care environment. All professions are required to train all staff by the law in

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