Explain Safe Working Procedure To The Nature Of Home Improver

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|Details of the task: | | | |Vehicle 2 Yearly VM Tasks | |Landrover | |…show more content…
| |The nature of our work compels us to follow strict guidelines with regards to our safety, as the like hood of workplace injury is high. At the most| |minimal level all persons must be fully briefed in the Health and Safety at work act, fire unit regulations and understand the application of CoSHH| |(Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and risk assessments, in regards to the work we carry out, and the equipment we use. | |Access to the workshop areas is restricted to workshop personnel only, and all visitors must sign in through PPNC and remain within the designated…show more content…
Using a spanner on the crankshaft pulley bolt I had a colleague turn the crankshaft from | |beneath the vehicle until No 8 valve was fully open, this is when the valve spring is fully compressed. Using a feeler blade of the specified | |thickness, I checked the clearance between the top of the No 1 valve stem contact face of the rocker arm. | |If I found that the clearances were not as required, I would have had to slacken the adjuster locknut, and turn the tappet adjuster screw until I | |reached the required clearance, then I would tighten the adjuster locknut while holding the adjuster screw stationary. Turning clockwise would | |reduce the clearance and anti-clockwise would increase the distance. On completion I would recheck the tappet clearance, turn the crankshaft and | |continue to check the remaining clearances, following the rule of nine. | |

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