Explain The Role And Significance Of Invisible Primaries

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An invisible primary has no official beginning or end but is the term used to define the period in which the Presidential candidates will try to establish and make them known before the official primaries. The invisible primary consists of fund raising numbers and opinion polls being used by the media to predict who the front runners for the nomination are. Candidates who raise the most money are going to appear the strongest, and as a result they will be able to raise even more money from people who hold back their donations until they have decided who they think is going to win. Invisible primaries have become extremely significant in recent years, possibly due to the influence of the media as it contributes to the momentum they are likely to have in the Primaries and also because of the ‘frontloading’ official primaries. The invisible primary has often been tagged as the ‘money primary’ as it vital for candidates to accumulate ‘war chests’ by securing money from sponsors in order to set up the large campaigns. This was the case before the 2000 election in which President George Bush raised 30 million dollars just for the Invisible Primaries in the first quarter. Similarly, this was the case with Obama and Clinton who fought to secure funding for the invisible primaries. Under Obama’s supports was Penny Pritzker, part of the Hyatt family who gave huge financial support to Obama during the invisible primaries, essential to gain money in order to cover costs for the media coverage and campaigning. Elizabeth Dole campaigning for the Presidential nominee in 2000 actually dropped out of the race due to financial instability which is indicative that money is a huge factor in the invisible primaries. Media also plays a central role in the invisible primaries, with unofficial debates on you tube and campaigning through the use of internet sites such as face book in order
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