Explain How Winton Archives to Convey a Message of Discovery in Both Short Stories “Big World” and “Aquifer”

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Winton uses a collage of language techniques in which he creates a sense of realism allowing the reader to engage into the story. From the cacophony of techniques used in the short story “Aquifer”, one technique that enhances the story is Metaphors. The effect of this technique changes the perception of the reader about the story and characters within. An effective use of metaphor can be identified in the title of the story itself. “Aquifer” We as the reader understand the definition of this word as, an underground drain which in which water channels through. From understanding the meaning behind the word we can begin to link the similarities between the title and the main character. We as the reader begin to understand the behaviour of the unnamed main character through the out the story starts to convey the idea of being confined, similarly like the underground drains. This new insight that is understood about the narrator through the time frame of the story, we can see the reflection of self-discovery in the behaviour of the character. Using discovery to link two different pieces of writing is one way Tim Winton has interlaced the stories “Big World” and “Aquifer”. In “Big World” Winton explores the idea of discovery through an adventure taken upon by two young teenagers who have just finished their final schooling exams. Another aspect of both stories which creates a sense of connection is guilt. As we read ‘Aquifer’ we take in the tragic death of Alan Mannering. This event allows the character to really understand who he is and what he could have done to save Alan. From this we can connect the two stories together. In “Big word” there was guilt not as horrific but it was regarding the dreaded exam results. This guilt forcing them to leave town allowed them to face reality and understand what they really wanted to do in their life’s as biggie continues on

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