Explain How To Support Children When Writing A Behaviour Plan

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Writing a Behaviour Plan Behaviour Plans ensure consistency when managing a child/young person’s behaviour and helps us to look at things we can change to support the child/young person, rather than trying to change them. Environment The environment we provide has a direct impact on a young person’s behaviour. We need to consider what we can do or change in the environment to support the child. For example, looking at how playworkers are deployed at possible trigger times, use of visual support, organisation of routines and or resources. Supporting the development of new play skills After identifying what the child is trying to communicate through their behaviour we can identify what new skills the child needs to learn. E.g. unable to listen to a whole large group story but through observations we know the child is able to listen to a story in a one to one situation. We can teach the child with small steps to listen to a group story. First small step is for the child to sit with one or two other children. When this is achieved slowly add more children to the group. This way you are teaching the child a new skill but ensuring success. This may also be a target for the Individual Education Plan. Praise and rewards This ensures everyone is praising the child when they are working towards their new…show more content…
The ‘Good News’ sandwich is a sensitive way to share concerns with parents. Start by sharing a positive followed by the concern and finish with a positive. Even the most challenging children will do something positive during the session and it is essential that practitioners look for the positives rather than focus on the negatives and share these with parents. Have a positive attitude; think about what is happening when the child behaves
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