Explain How To Promote Children's Welfare And Well-Being In The Early Years

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EYMP 3 – Promote children’s welfare and well-being in the early years 1.1 The EYFS has a section in its framework about safeguarding of child and their welfare, this covers many different things. The first section is safeguarding of children and promoting their welfare, this section says that practitioners should make sure necessary steps are taken to ensure that all children in their care are safeguarded. This includes children being protected from cross infection and practitioners taking necessary steps when a child is ill i.e taking the child out of the setting and calling their parents to prevent other children becoming ill. As well as physically preventing children from harm, children’s behaviour also needs to be managed to ensure…show more content…
There are many things which are included in promoting positive health and well-being in children. The first and probably most important thing is promoting the ECM 5 outcomes which are; stay safe, be healthy, achieve economic well-being, make a positive contribution and enjoy and achieve. By promoting the every child matters outcomes it promotes children’s overall health and well-being. The second thing is in regards to a child’s physical health, physical activities within the setting promote physical development. By doing fun physical activities such as football, you are helping the children to stay healthy without them even realising it. Physical activities need to start from an early age in order to get all the bones and muscles to work properly. Physical activities can be conducted both indoors and outdoors. Even if it’s a quick walk around the block its promoting child’s health and helping them to stay healthy. Clothing is the third thing that promotes children’s health. Children should always wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather but sometimes the weather changes throughout the day which makes it our responsibility to recognise when a child may need to take off a layer or put an extra layer on according to the weather. It’s important we are able to recognise this because there are potential consequences either way for example, if a child has come to the setting in a dress with no leggings or tights and throughout the day it starts to get chilly, if we didn’t recognise she may need another layer on the child can become very cold and end up ill. Outings is a another way in which we can support good health in children, children who go on outings in the sun will get vitamin D which is important for the growth of bones. Outings also count as physical activities especially if they are walking to their local park or somewhere else local. Diet is also an important

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