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Cat’s Cradle Summer Reading Assignment Part 3 The questions “See the cat?” and “See the cradle?” are repeated throughout the novel. There is a message trying to impart a specific message through these questions. The message is whether we choose to chase the truth or run from it. Either way it can help you or tear you down. When Newt Hoenikker asks these questions it’s related to the situation whether you’re choosing to chase or run from it. For example, Newt was telling the narrator about his sister Angela’s marriage. He was explaining why he hated Angela’s husband. He described how he thought it was a very happy marriage from the way Angela talked about it. He held his hands six inches apart and spread his fingers and said, “See the cat? See the cradle?” Newt was implying that their marriage…show more content…
When Newt asks these questions it asks the reader also is this truth to chase after or run from. The narrator has to make big decisions throughout the book and he has to think if there’s a cat or cradle or if it it’s just a bunch of x’s. The function of these questions is to remind the reader that book is making a point to say that some things in life don’t always have a meaning, and it’s your decision to chase the truth and try and pick out the cat and cradle in the strings, or to believe there is no cat and cradle. The image of the cat’s cradle string game is important in this novel. The game cat’s cradle is almost thought to be a lie by Newt. He paints a picture of it and he says there really is no cat or cradle, just a bunch of x’s that kids have grown up looking at. This image makes a point that the truth isn’t always a pleasant thing, and why not lie a little through life and through religion to make life have a meaning. The cat’s cradle image is an example of the little lies throughout the book that have to be added to the uncut truth to give life a
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